Google Shopping Ads: the addition of short titles

Posted on March 11, 2022

How can you use short titles to improve your Shopping Ad campaigns?

Shopping ads are leveling up this year, and Google has added a new feature; short titles. These titles are going to be used in browsing contexts, such as Shopping Ads on Gmail. Read on to find out how these are going to benefit your business.

Why are these short titles important?

Longer titles in browsing context can get lost. Therefore these shorter titles will help make your products stand out more and help potential customers get a clear understanding of what you’re product is. This change is intended improve clickthrough rates, so it’s worthwhile taking the time to add shorter titles to your products. 

What should my short titles look like?

Google have provided us with some guidelines to help make your short titles optimal:

  • A concise title, that describes your product simply.
  • Keep it to 65 or less so your title can be read on smaller screens.
  • Add the brand name in your titles when appropriate.
  • Use correct grammar and ensure spellings are correct.
  • Take care with your syntax, including the most important information first.
  • Don’t include information that is displayed elsewhere, such as the price.
  • Use capital letters correctly, and not for emphasis.
  • Describe your product in one language.

Take advantage of features on Shopping Ads to help make your products stand out. For more information on how Kelkoo Group can help boost your Shopping Ad campaigns, click here.

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