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Hotel Search

The Hotel Search web service returns hotel stay offers live from our travel partners. This service will help you bring travel to live on your site by providing your users with the opportunity to quickly find available hotel rooms in an exhaustive list of destinations all over the world.

Request Parameters

The Hotel Search web service supports the folowing request parameters:

Name Type Summary
city string (required) The name of the city.
hotel string (optional) The name of the hotel.
checkin_day integer (required)
The check-in date.
checkin_month integer (required)
The check-in month.
checkin_year integer (required) The check-in year.
nbnights integer (required) The number of nights in the Hotel.
num_adults integer (required)
The number of adults.
num_children integer (required)
The number of children.
roomtype string (required) The type of room. The value depends on the country.

  • For UK the value can be: Single, Twin, Double or Family.
  • For France the value can be: Simple, Jumelle, Double or Familliale.
rating integer (optional) The number of stars to search for.
sort string (optional) Sort the results by:

  • name_ascending
  • name_descending
  • merchantname
  • price_ascending
  • price_descending
  • rating_ascending
  • rating_descending
results integer (optional) The number of results to return in each request
start integer (optional) The start index of the first result to return.
searchId string (optional) The search ID identifying the search. This is needed for paging

Response Elements

Top level Elements

Name Summary
HotelSearch Contains Hotel elements.Attributes:

  • totalResultsReturned: The number of results; returned.
  • firstResultPosition: The position of the first result in the overall search.
  • searchId: The unique identifier for this search that will be used for paging.


Offer elements

  • Common fields are used.
  • Only the offer type HOTEL_KELKOO can be contained in this service.

Sample Response

The following is a sample response when you search for a paris room with the service.

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