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How to sign-up for our Performance solution

1st Step: Navigate to our Merchant Extranet

On the top menu, click on “Login In” > “Merchant, then click on the “Register now Link”.
If you are asked to choose a country, please choose the one where you want your offers to appear.

2nd Step: Enter your details

3rd Step: Finalize the creation of your account

Once your account is created, you will be redirected to your account home page.

4th Step: Finalize the setup of your account

To finalise your sign up you must :

  1. Validate the CPC rates
  2. Set up your budget and make your payment
  3. Upload your product feed

There is no order for these steps. You can start with any of them.

The progression tool shows you the state of your profile:

1. Validate the CPC rates

If you are VAT exempted, please select the checkbox in the “CPC Rates” section. We will review your profile before accepting.

2. Setup your budget and make your payment

In the Payment section, you have to choose first a Payment Plan:
– An automatic payment plan (recurring payment)
– A manual payment plan (one-shot payment)

Then, you have to define your Campaign Budget.

If you’ve chosen an Automatic Plan, 5 days before reaching your Campaign Budget, you will be charged for the same amount, to keep your campaign running.

If you’ve chosen a Manual Plan, your campaign will stop when you spend the total amount of your Campaign Budget.

The only payment option available is Credit Card. If you want to pay via Wire Transfert or Direct Debit, please contact us.

3. Upload your Product feed

To upload your product feed you must click on « Manage offers »

Feed coming from a service provider

Custom format: txt or csv

Custom format: xml

Mapping feed fields

When your product feed is validated, you must fill in the correct feed fields and those corresponding to Kelkoo.

Warning! some of Kelkoo’s fields are mandatory.

Validating your feed

If the feed is approved your offers will be uploaded and you will receive the following message:

If some offers are not valid you will get a message as below, however the approved offers will be posted:

If your feed contains too many errors the message will look like the one below. In that case we recommend you read the following guide

Account activation

Once your product feed is uploaded, you can access your merchant dashboard, statistics and offers

Contact Us

Questions? Get in touch and we can help make your sign-up process smoother.

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