Car Hire

To get your Car hire offers displayed on Kelkoo, you will need to provide a Web Service. We accept all kind of Web Services, all kind of formats and all kind of method requests.

Request details

locationthree-letter IATA code or city name or id
pick up dateall formats accepted
drop off dateall formats accepted
pick up timeall formats accepted
drop off timeall formats accepted

Optional information

car categorybased on ACRISS classification code
currencythree-letter currency code
countrycan be useful to avoid confusion if location is filled with a city name

Response details

pick up / drop off adressthree-letter IATA code
car model nameall formats accepted
car image urlurl
ACRISS codeACRISS classification code
supplierall formats accepted
descriptionall formats accepted
priceall formats accepted
currencythree-letter currency code
redirect linkurl

If the ACRISS code is correctly filled, we won’t need any more information. If it you don’t have the ACRISS code you should provide additional information below

categorybased on ACRISS classification code
typebased on ACRISS classification code
drivebased on ACRISS classification code
transmissionbased on ACRISS classification code
fuelbased on ACRISS classification code
air conditioningall formats accepted
containingmaximum number of people that can legally be in the car


All static data can be stored on our own servers and it can be updated on a regular basis, as per the frequency defined by you.
For a “one shot” update, it can be done manually (based on an Excel file for example) but for regular updates, you need to provide a way to do it automatically : another web service, files pushed on a FTP, …

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