Mother’s Day 2023

Posted on 7 Μαρτίου, 2023

Carve your share of Mothers Day 2023

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching (it’s Sunday 19th March – but you already knew that, right?) With so much competition out there, how do you appeal to families this 2023?

Tend to the trends

Knowing the products with the highest search volume before a shopping holiday allows you to promote the right items by adjusting your shopping ads and landing pages. Beauty and personal care, as well as restaurants, are the top searches leading up to Mother’s Day, with footwear and women’s clothing in third place. Other trending categories include alcoholic drinks, cakes and cupcakes, calendars and planners, and flower arrangement†.

Combat the cost of living crisis

Like all shopping holidays, Mother’s Day is no exception to the budget squeeze felt since prices across the board began sky-rocketing last year – 47% of people are currently worried about the cost of living crisis. Despite this, 50% of consumers still plan to spend the same as usual for Mother’s Day†, and 28% will spend more†, meaning hope is not lost for retailers hoping to make some serious sales this month.

Consumers want to find gifts that won’t break the bank. Don’t believe us? Search terms ‘sale’ and ‘offers’ are up 6% and 15% respectively†. Entice those shoppers by including top category products in your Mother’s Day sale, and changing shopping ad titles to include these keywords. Once on your site, consumers want deals in front of them, so create a Mother’s Day landing page to showcase your best deals. Having the right products at the best price will be the difference between hitting the checkout at your store over a competitor’s.

Take advantage of brand betrayal

2023 is the year of brand betrayal. Consumers are looking to be more convinced by offers, reviews and delivery time, rather than remaining loyal to brands they’ve bought from in the past. Building a relationship through email and social campaigns will promote your Mother’s Day offers to both new and returning customers. Promote your  promotions by perfecting your sharing strategy.

More people are expected to shop online with 20% of Mother’s Day shoppers expected to shun bricks and mortar stores for a virtual shopping experience.†. The visual appeal of shopping ads means they are being clicked on more than ever – a 171% increase from pre-pandemic data† Take this as your sign that Shopping Ads are vital for a successful product marketing strategy.

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† Google data 2023

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