Top tips to get your online store Christmas ready

Christmas online store

October may only have just finished, but sooner is always better than later when it begins to preparing your online shop for Christmas. Analytics from Google Trends has shown that consumers begin to look for ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’ in August – a good reminder that it is never too early to start feeling festive and planning a marketing campaign that will attract both new and existing customers.

Before you roll out your campaign, there are a few critical components that you need to plan and prepare in advance. Here’s how you can stay ahead of your competition and attract even more visitors to your online shop this Christmas.

Practicalities first

Before the Christmas buzz starts in earnest, you will want to reconsider a few of your current store policies. Many online retailers offer an extended return and exchange policy over the Christmas period, so you will need to consider if this if the correct move for you and your business. You may also want to rethink the payment methods that you have in place – and consider adding alternative options such as Paypal or even Bitcoin. Easy to switch to, these options can generate revenue from eshoppers that may previously have discounted your shop in the past.

Choose your ad channels

In order for your Christmas campaign to generate new sales and revenue for your online shop, you will need to determine which ad channels to focus on. Ensure that your site blog contains a steady flow of relevant and topical content that you can share via email marketing campaigns or across your social media channels. Create an editorial calendar for your email marketing, using your existing customer database to highlight flash sales and offers exclusive for returning shoppers. Finally, consider using a Comparison Shopping Partner to help you improve your ROAS.

Kelkoo Group has 20 years’ experience in ecommerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics. We can support your entire campaign, from set up through to tracking sales and conversion data to help you get the results your business needs to succeed.

Get Tracking
No matter the approach for your marketing campaign, the second and most important step, is tracking your efforts to make sure you are sure of the success and impact of your Christmas push. Set up Google Analytics on your store to keep tabs on your specific campaign, to better manage results from individual promotions and channels. You will need to use a unique trackable link, called a UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) as a parameter for your Christmas marketing campaign. Once your tracking is set up, you can begin rolling out your festive sales drive.

The Christmas season provides a myriad of opportunities for your ecommerce business, so get planning, preparing and tracking to increase your conversions and average order size.

omnichannel marketing

2018 has been a dismal year for the UK high street. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, almost 3,200 stores have shut since 2014, with much-loved brands such as Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis announcing country-wide cutbacks and poor profits. Experts have even gone on to suggest that 2082 could be the year the high-street dies, but if you are a retailer looking to break into ecommerce and omnichannel opportunities, worry not – you have 64 years on your side.

Omnichannel marketing has become key to marketing success as customers engage with companies in a variety of ways, including in a physical store, online via websites and mobile apps, through physical and virtual catalogues, and through social media. People also interact with brands and companies using apps on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. The challenge for organisations is to make all of these interactions and experiences as seamless, consistent, and effective as possible for customers.

Looking to improve your omnichannel approach or buoyed on by the success of ASOS? Read on to find out how you can give your business the boost that it needs…

Put the customer first

Just as you would in a bricks and mortar store, put the customer first if you want to turn clicks into conversions in your online shop. Omnichannel is positioned to help you to provide a better user experience for consumers, and better yet, you can use your in-house knowledge and experience accrued from bricks and mortar business to improve your overall digital profile. Begin by using any first-party data that you have and use it – from user profiles to online search behaviour or even stats from SalesForce or your internal CRM, you can shape this information to provide an experience that will keep your customers coming back to your store.

Rethink your digital approach

From Starbucks to Ted Baker, big brands are going digital to improve their shopping experience for customers. It takes more than just an app to improve your omnichannel approach. Research has shown that 47% of shoppers who engage with brands on 10 more channels will make purchases from their favourite companies at least once a week, compared to 21% who just engage on up to four channels. From showcasing your offering on Instagram to rewarding your retailers instore for online purchases, a successful digital strategy is key for the success of your omnichannel campaign.

Consider the bigger picture

The way that we shop is changing on an almost monthly process, with new apps and mobile technology designed to improve user experience, while offering speed and convenience. Do consider the bigger picture and ensure that your omnichannel approach is flexible enough to shape and develop with the times.

Keen to learn more about how ecommerce is shaping the future of the British high-street? Robin Lewis, Strategic Partnerships Manager, will be presenting at Manchester-based trade show Ecommerce North this 6th and 7th November. Contact us to book a meeting with our UK Sales team, at stand 70…

AOV ecommerce

Your ecommerce business is up and running, your marketing strategy is reaching your target shopper audience, but you soon notice that nearly all your orders are averaging out to a low overall total. For online shop owners, plateauing revenue and a drop-in sales can be a worry, if this begins to become a monthly trend. However, you may be failing to manage your average order value (AOV), crucial if you are looking to boost your product sales.

Your AOV is the average amount of money that each customer spends during a transaction within your store. To increase this amount, you will need to encourage shoppers to add more items, or to up the number of high-value items that they add to their cart.

There are few easy ways that you can increase your AOV, taking your online store out of the danger zone and seeing your revenue soar.


Add reviews and recommendations

Adding reviews and product recommendations is an easy way to encourage shoppers to browse around your store, rather than simply clicking through to one product or worse, leaving your site. Add product reviews and recommendations to popular items and on the checkout page, a quick way to increase the overall AOV and stop cart abandonment for good.

Do consider the vocabulary that you use for each review that you write. “Customers also bought”, for example, is a great way to drive traffic to other products.


Consider discounts

Who doesn’t love a discount? Incentivise your customers to spend a minimum amount, so that they are rewarded with a coupon, free gifts or free shipping. Pop ups or a promotion bar are a quick an easy way to encourage stubborn shoppers to add more to their carts.


Customer loyalty perks and programmes

A loyalty programme is the ideal way to set up a retention strategy, meaning that you create relationships with your customers – in particular if you stock consumable products, that sees shoppers making weekly or monthly repeat purchases. Incentives such as a points scheme, offering shoppers rewards dependent on the total amount that they spend,


Product bundles

If you are struggling to get customers to purchase more items, then creating product bundles will appeal – by setting the total cost at a lower price than if each item was purchased individually. Bundling products together will help to increase the perceived value of a customer’s purchase. You can also tailor bundles for your target demographic, such as creating beauty boxes or allowing shoppers to pick and choose which fashion items they would like in their own bundle. Creating product bundles will increase your AOV, while improving your customers overall shopping experience.

Take time to focus, engage and encourage your customers and those who already know and trust your brand – your shoppers feel like they get more while your AOV gains a boost.


Get in touch

Kelkoo Group has over 20 years’ experience in ecommerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics. We can support your entire campaign, from set up through to tracking sales and conversion data to help you get the results your business needs to succeed.

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BFCM sales

In just under two months the biggest shopping weekend of the calendar year will be here. Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) provides a wealth of opportunities for retailers – no matter their size or location.  While the term ‘Black Friday’ hails from US shoppers swarming the high-street, Cyber Monday, 26th November, has become a pinnacle event for online shoppers looking to bag a bargain.  From promotions to discounts, to using BFCM to increase your online visibility or rethink your Shopping Ads strategy, read on to find out how Kelkoo Group can help you reach your goals this year.


Be prepared

If you are looking to boost your revenue and make the most of your return on ad spend (ROAS) during BFCM, it’s crucial that you get prepared. While BCFM is famed for crash discounts and low-costs on higher end goods, you can consider running exclusive deals on limited run products or even shift items that have proved less popular during the year in the run up to the festive period.


Consider your marketing strategy

From email campaigns to omnichannel plans incorporating your social, SEO and paid ads, having a well thought out marketing strategy will enable you to appeal to customers both new and existing. You may also want to consider your website design and including client reviews if you are struggling to improve ecommerce conversions.


How can Kelkoo Group help you?

Kelkoo Group has over 20 years’ experience in ecommerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics. We can support your entire campaign, from set up through to tracking sales and conversion data to help you get the results your business needs to succeed during BFCM.


Understanding Shopping Ads

In September 2017, Google opened up its Shopping Ads on Google search, hailing several changes for the shopping auction system. Now, key comparison shopping partners need to complete certification to join the Comparison Shopping Partner Programme. Kelkoo Group was the first CSS to join this scheme as a Premium Partner.

Choosing a CSS partner such as Kelkoo Group will allow you to increase your ROI, while reaching a higher position in Shopping Ads. Your bid will automatically be 20% higher compared to Google Shopping, while following the same auction process. Signing up with Kelkoo Group will provide more quality traffic to your site for the same amount of money.


Access to insights and analytics

Plus, partnering with an accredited CSS such as Kelkoo Group will provide you with the support you need to integrate and duplicate your campaign structure, from Google Shopping to Kelkoo Group. We provide coverage across all EU markets with multi-lingual support and can have your campaign up and running within 48 hours, well in time for BFCM.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start taking steps to get your online shop ready in BFCM.

Contact us today to find out more, and make the most of the ecommerce opportunity of the year.