5 fast hacks to improve ecommerce conversions on your site

Ecommerce conversions

Getting your online shop up and running, promoting your products across various channels and upping your traffic is no easy task for any online retailer. Even if you are seeing the number of visits to your shop increase, this doesn’t necessarily mean that visitors will go ahead and make any purchases.

So, if you are looking to boost your ecommerce conversions, generate more sales and stop cart abandonment once and for all, then these 5 fast hacks should help you to improve your site conversion rate.


Improve trust to close your buying cycle

Not all site visitors will be looking to close the deal and make a purchase. Some users may have come across your store for the very first time, and may not have heard about your brand. If you want to guarantee conversions, then you will need to start improving trust – key to helping close your buying cycle.  Try starting small by getting visitors to sign up to your email newsletter and adding a pop up to your site. Once they are on your mailing list you can share your latest offers and info, meaning that the next visit they will be likely to go ahead and give your products a try.


Rethink your website design

A poorly functioning website with dated images will damage rather than support your brand. Online shoppers rely on imagery to help them make purchase decisions, as they can’t physically touch or interact with your products. Choose high quality photos and imagery across your site.

If you don’t have the time or resource to give your site a complete overhaul, then consider adding seasonal pop-ups. These are a handy hack to help drive shopper engagement and turn leads into sales – without having to spend a lot of time and money on a complete website redesign.


Check your customer service

Do you offer free and easy returns, free shipping and product guarantees? If the answer is no, then your customer service could be damaging your site conversion rate. Improve your customer service and your visitors will feel confident enough to turn their browsing time into clicks.


Include reviews

Reviews are the ideal way to improve customer trust and boosting your conversion rate. Customers are always keen to hear from others before them who have bought similar items – no matter the amount that they are looking to spend.

Include reviews and making your online shop ‘social proof’ will improve your reputation, and stop cart abandonment in its tracks.

Examples that could work for you include:


User reviews

Case studies

Star ratings

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’, so take your time trialling which approach will work best for your business.


A simple checkout process

No matter the size of your online shop, the final factor that could halt your conversion rate is your checkout. Customers may abandon the checkout process due to unexpected shipping costs, numerous checkout steps or even if they cannot check out as a guest. Remember to make this simple and straightforward – your customers will be happier too.

Take time to apply these fast hacks to your online shop and watch your ecommerce prospects and revenue soar.


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Google Shopping Ads by Kelkoo Group

As a retailer, understanding Google’s new changes to the Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) landscape are vital if you are looking to choose the right partner for your business.

Since Google opened up its Shopping Ads on Google search in September 2017, the shopping auction system has undergone several important changes. Now, key comparison shopping partners need to complete certification to join the Comparison Shopping Partner Programme. Kelkoo Group was the first CSS to join this scheme as a Premium Partner.

It can be tricky choosing the right CSS for you and your requirements, with a range of conflicting and misleading articles online. However, as Europe’s largest comparison shopping service dedicated to creating and optimising visibility for online retailers, with coverage spanning to 31,000 merchants managing 220 million products, we want to provide you with correct and transparent information that will help when choosing a CSS partner.


How has the auction system changed?

Google has made a series of changes to the way in which the shopping auction works. Any shopping ads that are powered by Google’s own CSS are now split into two parts; the CPC and a margin – set by Google Shopping. Current market estimates believe this to be set at around 20%.

Choosing a CSS partner such as Kelkoo Group will allow you to increase your ROI, while reaching a higher position in Shopping Ads. Your bid will automatically be 20% higher compared to Google Shopping, while following the same auction process.


Benefit from SpendMatch

Signing up with an accredited CSS like Kelkoo means that you can access Google SpendMatch, with the potential to earn Google ad credit of up to 30% of your ad spend. Partnering with Kelkoo Group will provide more quality traffic to your site for the same amount of money.

However, there is no guarantee that this incentive will last forever, so signing up today will enable you to benefit from the current system.


No change to your ads display

Your shopping ads will display on both Google Shopping search results and in the shopping tab:

All CSS, including Google Shopping, have the same weight in the Shopping Ads auction.


No change to your customer journey

Once a customer clicks on the Shopping Ad, they will be directed through to the retailer product page. The only change is noticeable in the display – as the Shopping Ad link now displays the CSS partner name rather than ‘By Google’.


Why partner with Kelkoo Group?

Access Shopping Ads auction at a competitive rate, while increasing your visibility and improving your overall ROI.

Same quality of traffic while saving at least 32% of your total Google Shopping spend.

Seamlessly integrate and duplicate your campaign structure, from Google Shopping to Kelkoo Group, without the need to duplicate or create new Merchant Centre accounts, feeds or AdWords campaigns.

Coverage across all EU markets with multi-lingual support.

Support from our dedicated in-house local technical teams.

Integrate and launch your campaign within 48 hours.

No setup fees.


Staying ahead in the Shopping Ads landscape

The Shopping Ads landscape is becoming increasingly more competitive, with retailers that don’t act quickly falling far behind in terms of traffic and customers for their sites.

Choose Kelkoo Group and benefit from a quick and easy set-up, complete transparency and the support and experience to help your campaigns in little to no time at all.