What are the commercial benefits of attending dmexco?

commercial benefits dmexco

If you are a commercial director, or part of a busy sales team, then you are sure to receive lots of invitations to trade shows throughout the year. With so many great events it can be tough to decide which trade show will work best for your business needs, and for us here at Kelkoo Group, dmexco remains at the top of our list. Not only is dmexco the largest digital marketing event in the world, but it is also a fun and unique setting in which to do business and make lasting commercial connections for your business.

Cyril Bouskila, Commercial Director Sales here at Kelkoo Group, shares just some of the commercial benefits that you can gain from attending dmexco, held in Cologne, Germany on 12th & 13th September – whether you are a publisher or a merchant.


Great commercial networking opportunities

Dmexco is a truly unique experience for anyone who works in the digital industry. Starting out as a trade fair, the conference aspect of the event has grown year on year. Based on this, the range of commercial opportunities that you can expect to tap into, and industry contacts that you might meet are incredibly varied. You may even make a connection, or begin a new dialogue that is completely unexpected. It’s one of the only opportunities we have each year to take online marketing offline.


An International approach

Each year, dmexco continues to attract a range of international companies and supports healthy competition. This ecosystem remains unique to Cologne, and as a sales representative you can expect to benefit enormously from such an international setting. It’s this international approach that is appealing to us, being based in 22 different countries, and one of the reasons why we keep coming back year after year – and why you should book a meeting with us this September in Cologne, to discuss the range of commercial opportunities we have that could benefit you.


A truly unique trade fair

We’ve been attending dmexco for the past four years, and each year is a surprise. It has become a fixed date in our calendars, as it is the one time of the year when we get our commercial team together from all our offices across Europe. With 40,000 visitors, dmexco is a truly unique trade show, and we would like to invite you to join us at stand A048 in Hall 8 to share our product offering with you.


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Football fever has well and truly hit, and here at Kelkoo Group we too have been following the action from Russia during the FIFA World Cup this 2018. Those precious 90 minutes spent in front of the television set are no longer a period in which shopping rests on the sidelines. In fact, global advertising spend is set to grow by 5.2% to $535bn in 2018, with the World Cup as one of the main contributing factors. It is no surprise that football is one of the most-loved sports on the planet, and even if your brand is not related to the beautiful game, you can still make the most of pre-match fever to boost your online campaigns…


Plan your campaigns around World Cup fixtures

Now that the World Cup is well underway, you can get creative – while also making sure that you catch some of the bigger games – by planning your campaigns around matches. Consider adding pop-ups several hours in advance to alert your followers to a flash sale, send an email campaign for long term customers to grant them access to a ‘private sale’ or even slash your prices if the favourite team scores a goal. It pays to run analytics to check when your consumers are spending – is this prior, before, or after a match – and run campaigns accordingly, so that you can raise your profile and get those all-important leads in the back of the net.


Promote goods and services that fans will need

Online store owners can make the most of ecommerce marketing platforms too, using ad placements to advertise products and services that any football fan or aspiring pro player may need. From match snacks, to football boots or even country shirts, you will only pay when customers are redirected to your store. Better, still you can retain complete control of your monthly advertising budget.

Kelkoo Group has 20 years’ experience in ecommerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics. We can support your entire campaign, from set up through to tracking sales and analysing conversion data to help you get the results your business needs to succeed.

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Get active on Social Media

If you haven’t already woken up to the benefits of social media for your online campaigns, boosting your brand or even checking in with what your competitors are doing, then now could be the time for you to start. Going social is an easy and cheap way to raise awareness of your brand, and could help you to capture new leads for your business. Consider using gifs or try to incorporate ‘trending’ hashtags that are World Cup related in your posts, so that you can reach a wider audience. By making a few small tweaks, you can make a huge improvement to your overall site traffic and campaign click through rates.

So, if you are not yet making the most of the World Cup 2018 as part of your online campaigns, then now is the time to start keeping tabs on the sporting event of the year – that provides great off-pitch opportunities for you to cash in on.