Why should you visit dmexco 2018?

dmexco 2018

Why should you visit dmexco 2018?

This September around 40,000 visitors and 1,100 exhibitors will once again descend on Cologne to attend dmexco, the leading trade fair for the digital world – and Kelkoo Group are excited to be attending! Not only will we be exhibiting at dmexco, we will also be taking part in the discussions around the latest trends and innovations for the digital industry.

Serena Aimoni Pedersen, Commercial Director for Kelkoo Group, shares her top tips for new dmexco attendees, and explains why Kelkoo Group will once again be attending the “Digiconomy” event of the year…

Why attend dmexco?

We’ve been attending dmexco for the past four years, and each and every year is different. Not only is it a great opportunity for us to get together as a team, not always easy as we are based in 22 different countries, but it’s also the ideal setting in which to network and learn more about the markets in which we operate. Not just in relation to our competitors, but also in terms of key industry topics and findings that could impact us as a business.

Dmexco is certainly the most important digital event in Europe, that’s why you will find Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo on the list of attendees too. It’s this international approach that is appealing to us, and one of the reasons why we keep coming back year on year – and why you should visit us this September in Cologne.

What will Kelkoo Group be presenting at dmexco?

Dmexco provides us with the perfect opportunity to present our ecommerce marketing solutions and expertise to a range of potential clients, in addition to connecting with those we already do business with. The theme for dmexco this year is all about taking c.a.r.e; staying curious, taking responsibility, acting consciously and creating new experiences through digital products and solutions. We understand that businesses continually need to adapt and to keep pace with the digital age. Here at Kelkoo Group we are constantly evolving to meet with the market, innovation drives the future of our business.

What else can you expect to find at dmexco?

First and foremost, a visit to dmexco entails a lot of work. Visiting dmexco is always a great opportunity to meet familiar faces, be it former co-workers or old friends from the industry, or connect with new people. With 40,000 visitors the event is huge, but it still has a very familiar atmosphere which is unmatched by any other event of this size. That is truly what makes dmexco a unique and memorable trade show, and we would like to invite you to join us at stand A048 in Hall 8 to share and spark some discussions.

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ecommerce marketing

Summer is well on the way, meaning that you may be concerned about your online sales taking a hit. With the promise of longer evenings, summer holiday plans and time outdoors catching a few rays, it will be of no surprise to hear that e-commerce sales can drop by as much as 30 percent, compared to peak sales months. However, there is no reason why you can’t make the most of the sunshine and drive sales to your site. Why not check out these top five tips to help you boost your summer ecommerce sales?

Get creative

Seasonality and website design can be used to your advantage when it comes to consumer behaviour and ecommerce opportunities. You can make the most of the summer months to rethink your branding, and be sure to update your site with relevant copy, designs and promotions on a regular basis.

If you don’t have the time or resource to give your site a complete overhaul, then consider adding seasonal pop-ups. These are a handy hack to help drive shopper engagement and turn leads into sales – without having to spend a lot of time and money on a complete website redesign.

Rethink your approach

If you own an online store, but feel that your marketing efforts need a boost, then you may want to consider using an ecommerce marketing platform to help advertise your products through ad placements. If budget is an issue, you will be pleased to find out that you only pay when customers are redirected to your store. Plus, you have complete control of your monthly advertising budget.

Kelkoo Group has 20 years’ experience in ecommerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics. We can support your entire campaign, from set up through to tracking sales and conversion data to help you get the results your business needs to succeed.

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Have sales

Summer is the ideal time to run a flash sale for consumers, while you can cash in on the end of the summer months with a back to school or summer stock clearance sale. Don’t forget to keep your newsletter subscribers up to date – and consider offering them an exclusive discount code before your entire customer base has access to your current promotion.

If you use email as a marketing tool, then ‘private sales’ are an efficient way to check just how many of your subscribers still make purchases from your site. You can propose exclusive deals to these consumers first, before making the sales offering open to other online shoppers.

Bear in mind that you will need to consider using different channels to promote your sale, and consider setting a few parameters such as the amount of discount offered and the length your sale will run for.

Run a competition

Who doesn’t love a good competition? In fact, a giveaway is an easy fix for boosting traffic engagement and creating excitement around your products. Offer site visitors the chance to get their hands on one of your best sellers, perhaps a new release, or simply a gift certificate, by entering their email address.

Not only will you gain new leads, but better still, you will have the chance to grow your email list – meaning that you can convert traffic into subscribers, and ultimately shoppers.

Stop cart abandonment in its tracks

Cart abandonment could be stopping your sales conversions in their tracks. If you identify that your potential customers are filling their cart without reaching the check out, then why not consider adding in a few last-minute summer perks to sway their decision – free shipping or a last-minute discount code could gain you a sale.

So if you are looking to boost your revenue stream and hit your sales targets, then contact us to make your retail summer shine.

Come and join us at dmexco in Cologne!

Are you looking to boost your traffic acquisition and improve your online revenue? Come and join us at dmexco 2018, the international trade show for digital marketing, this 12th and 13th September in Cologne, Germany.

For the fourth year running, we will be showcasing how our powerful solutions can deliver highly converting traffic through our services.

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With 20 years of experience in ecommerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics, we are trusted all over the world by merchants, publishers and e-shoppers, for the quality and performance of our services.

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